Center of Мari Culture «Suli»

The Center of Mari Culture «Suli» is located in the Suksun district of Russia’s northern Perm Krai. «Suli» was established 15 years ago. The organization’s constituent assembly was held on 5 April 1995 in the assembly hall of the district’s local administration. The assembly approved the decision to open the Center and elected the members of the Center’s board of directors.

The Center has made tremendous efforts to conserve the national culture and language of Maris in Perm Krai. The Center hosts several folklore collectives, which have taken part in various competitions. The Center marks national holidays, holds conferences, and organizes round table discussions. In addition, «Suli» promotes the conservation of the ethnocultural component in school education.

The first Chairperson of the Center of Mari Culture «Suli» was Lyubov Nikolaeva. Since 10 November 2010, the Center has been chaired by Luiza Nikolaeva.

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